Automatic Diffusion System (ADS)

​Features of MFtC:

  • 6 in 1 diffusion cell kit
  • Save 10x test ingredient
  • Save 4x membrane (skin)
  • Disposable. No tedious washing process anymore.
  • ​Applicable to all common dosage forms (e.g., gels, lotions, creams, ointments,  and transdermal patches). 
  • Patented technology

SKINetrate also provides an automatic diffusion system (ADS) for skin permeation & absorption studies. ADS can help researchers easily complete their skin permeation testing upon loading the test ingredient. 

​The first automatic diffusion system has been developed in Dec 2017 by SKINetrate. It has a two-tier integrated architecture and it is able to accommodate two MFtC kits, thereby ensuring up to 12 samples to be tested in the same trial. It also equips with an infusion pump, a temperature compartment and an autosampler capable of collecting 96 samples. ADS is a space-saving benchtop system designed for research laboratories.


SKINetrate provides a disposable product (MFtC) that minimises usage of test ingredient and skin as well as eliminates recycle time. As compared to standard Franz cell, SKINetrate product requires 10x less test ingredient and 4x less skin for permeation testing. 

Miniaturized Flow-through Cell (MFtC)