• WHY do an in vitro permeation and absorption test?
  • Overview

     This test measure the absorption and diffusion of chemicals into and across skin to a fluid receptor. It can be used as a screening method to compare the delivery of chemicals into and through skin and is a useful assessment of percutaneous absorption in humans. The procedure is based on the principle of passive transport of chemicals through the skin, and into a fluid receptor. Receptor samples are collected at specified timepoints and analysed to determine the concentration of the cosmetic product absorbed into it.

Illustrative diagram showing the permeation and absorption of active ingredient through skin for topical and transdermal delivery.

Mode of Study

Permeation Mode (Transdermal) – Measure active ingredient collected in receptor medium at each data point.

Absorption and Permeation Mode – Measure active ingredient absorbed and retained in epidermis and/or dermis layer as well as collected in receptor medium at each data point.

     This test helps quantify the amount of topical/transdermal drugs, cosmetic products/ingredients that comes into contact, and gets absorbed into the skin. Data generated can be used to fill up the exposure and toxicological profile sections of Part A of the Cosmetic Product Safety Report as required by the EU Regulation (EC) No 1223 / 2009.  It is also useful in the applications of drug discovery, drug screening and formulation optimization. This predictive in vitro model can help reduce the costs and shorten the clinical phases.

In Vitro Skin Permeation & Absorption (OECD Test Guideline 428)

Analytical Services

Our standard method of analysis is HPLC.

Sample analysis – transfer/validate your analytical method and conduct analysis of collected samples.  

DIY analysis ​– customers can choose to perform their own analysis.  We screen your formulations and send the collected samples back to you.

Turnaround Time

6 - 8 weeks


Our test prices are dependent on the quantity of test items.

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