Companies developing skin lightening, spot correcting, or self-tanning products or ingredients. 

In Vitro Skin Pigmentation Regulation Test

  • Overview

      Using validated recontructed skin models, cosmetic products/ingredients can be screened efficiently for skin lightening, spot correcting or self-tanning effects. These skin models are animal-free, models real-life skin exposure, and simulates ethnic population differences, increasing the direct relevance to target groups for specific products.

      This test consists of 4 complementary stages:

Illustrative diagram showing the pigmentation of the skin as it occurs from the deeper layers of the skin, up to the stratum corneum. 


Turnaround Time

4 - 6 weeks


Our test prices are dependent on the quantity of test items.

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  • Target Customers
  •  Treatment with test product / negative control / positive control
  •  Photographical monitoring
  •  Cell viability assessment
  •  Melanin quantification